Hi I'm John Geltch - known also around the traps as 'The Sock Man'!


I sell mainly to farmers and I know what farmer's want. That's because I'm a farmer too - a rice farmer and sheep breeder! I bred fat lambs and merino wool production and our family still breed Keri Keri Merinos.


Because of health problems, I haven't been able to run a farm full-time. That's when I turned by hand at making, selling and promoting Australian Made Woollen Socks. For over 20 years I have successfully sold socks - all over Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Over the years we have travelled extensively, all over Australia - mainly selling to farmers and tradesmen. We have no interest in fashion, only a hard wearing product that does the job! 


Bull Road Socks are made in Melbourne, by a family operated  business and we only use the best quality 70% Australian Wool with synthetic reinforcing in the toe and heel.


John Geltch with a happy customer from Gippsland!